Area 405 / Station North Tool Library/ Oliver Street Studios

405 E. Oliver St, 21202

405 East Oliver Street has a rich and varied history that can be traced back to 1848. A former brewery, factory and upholstery shop, Area 405 undertook its most recent career change in March of 2002 when a group of intrepid artists purchased the building and set to transforming the sleeping giant into an all purpose gallery, event and living space. Now also hosting the Station North Tool Library, Area 405 is as vital to the Greenmount West neighborhood as it was in the mid-19th century.

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Baltimore Montessori Public Charter School

1600 Guilford Ave, 21202

With a history of educating Baltimore City’s children since 1890, 1600 Guilford Ave. continues that legacy as the home to Baltimore Montessori Public Charter School in the present day. Even during the 2000s, when the building was unoccupied, David Simon and his location scouts gave life to the space, with the impressive structure serving as Edward J. Tilghman Middle School in HBO’s “The Wire” television series. The space also serves as home to Greenmount West Community Association, with the community center located in the basement, with an entrance the the underground lair on E. Lanvale St.

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Baltimore Design School

1500 Barclay St, 21202

Designed by architect Otto G. Simonson, the Lebow Building was completed in 1914 to serve as a machine shop for the Crown Cork & Seal Company, whom provided half of the world’s bottle caps by the 1920s. Between 1950 and 1985 the space was occupied by Lebow Brothers Clothing Company. The grand building slept for some 28 years, unoccupied until the remarkable transformation into the Baltimore Design School, with doors opening to creative students in the fall of 2013, continuing a tradition of design and production, while returning as a focal point of the neighborhood.

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